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Discover Israel 2014 prices are in!!!

By Rabbi Matt Rosenberg in Restoration almost 2 years ago | 286 views Link:

We are going to Israel, February 2-16, 2014, and you can come with us!! Join myself, Rabbi David Rosenberg (my dad), and Dr. Jacob Rosenberg (my brother) as we discover and explore the land of Israel.  This is not just a tour.  We will be teaching all through the promised land for two whole weeks.

Brochures will be available in services in the next few weeks.  For now you can check out the brochure (PDF) attached!

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Bracha Sisul

I would love to go with you ..I hope, believe and pray that I will make it.
$ 4 000 (with fuel fee !) wow that’s a lot of money but worth it!

Too bad that we are not that close to Israel like from Germany :) the
flight with 1 week round trip by car and overnight in different
hotel/motels (like the Beduin hotel in Mitzpe Ramon) and 1 week
Yerushalayim with motel was only $800 :) :) with food and all extras, but a
private event.

Any way with Yah all things are possible and I will do what I can to reach
that goal.

“For the joy of the Lord is your strength.” — Nehemiah


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